PiT® Academy
Successful implementation

xx Communicate complex interrelationships in a playful and sustainable way. You and your employees will experience the fundamental interrelationships of planning and controlling a manufacturing company.

xxx Experience shows that the willingness to learn logistical interrelationships can be activated quickly and sustainably through the use of business games. The participants in the PiT® business game produce finished products themselves under realistic conditions and thus experience the potential that can be tapped into with targeted production logistics improvements. Typical logistics measures, such as production cycles, stock-limited order release, regulation of production flexibility, etc., can be experienced during the simulation game. The interactions between productivity, set-up strategy and adherence to delivery dates are particularly important. The sometimes astonishing effects are compared using key figures and analyzed in the team.

  • Realize a cycle even with strongly fluctuating processing times and different work schedules
  • Using capacity flexibility correctly
  • Increase the productivity of your production
  • Significantly increase adherence to deadlines through simple planning and reduced lead times
  • Recognize waste and hidden costs in your processes and eliminate them quickly and sustainably
  • Dissolve superfluous nests
  • Reduce lead times

Our PiT® seminar provides participants with an overview of PiT® - Produzieren im Takt and demonstrates its methodological background and area of application. As part of the PIT planning game, you will experience a wide range of planning approaches from conventional ERP planning against unlimited capacities to lean lean approaches and cycle-oriented planning.

The setting is a model company that manufactures customized products with long set-up times. The participants have the task of introducing improvements for process flow, planning and control as well as product and layout. After each round, weak points are analyzed together and potentials are identified. This makes it possible to see whether the expected successes are being achieved with the changes introduced. The background knowledge imparted by our trainers between the rounds helps the group to develop their improvements. They provide them with the necessary know-how to be able to implement the methods.

Practical seminar PiT®

Do and experience. A day that leaves lasting impressions and motivates you to put them into practice.

10-16 people | 1 day | 1 goal